Metronome Festival Prague

Výstaviště Praha Holešovice Výstaviště 67, Prague

Metronome Festival Prague is a multi-genre music festival held in the famous city's Výstaviště exhibition grounds

Colours of Ostrava

Dolní Vítkovice Ruská 2993, Ostrava

Colours of Ostrava is a vibrant, multi-genre music festival, organised annually in Ostrava since 2002

Paul Kalkbrenner Berlin

Parkbühne Wuhlheide Parkbühne Wuhlheide, An d. Wuhlheide 187, Berlin

Paul Kalkbrenner, the legendary techno producer, performs a special live show in Berlin

Let It Roll Festival

Milovice Airfield Milovice Airfield, Milovice

Let it Roll Open Air is the world's leading drum and bass festival, which takes place near the Czech capital of Prague.

Apokalypsa 50th

Bobycentrum Bobycentrum, Sportovní 559/2A, Brno

Apokalypsa Festival is the 50th episode of the prestigious techno brand's long-running events