Bratislava Travel Guide

As one of Europe’s smallest capital’s, Bratislava is a relaxed city with a delightful mix of beautiful old town, stylish restaurants and a wide range of music. Standing on the banks of the mighty River Danube it is easy to see why it is an increasingly popular choice. The once former royal capital of The Kingdom of Hungary, teamed up with the wrong side during the war and then, largely at the hands of the communist regime, lost a lot of its old beautiful buildings and charm to ugly buildings and major industrialisation.

Bratislava Castle in Bratislava Travel Guide

Bratislava Castle

Best Time to visit Bratislava

Best time to visit Bratislava is in July and August, but the city is packed with tourists and prices are high. If you want to enjoy Bratislava, then May, June and September are ideal, with moderate temperatures and hotel prices, and a chance to see everything the city has to offers, on your own time.

April and October are fairly cold and rainy, but you can find great lodging deals.

Slovak winter may be cold and chilly, yet you can find amazing hotel deals. Hotel prices are at lowest, with a wide selection of lodgings. The city is also famous for bachelor party activities, therefore you can plan ahead for a crazy trip with friends.

Accommodation in Bratislava

If you are travelling on a budget, then this city is an ideal destination for you. Bratislava hotels represent excellent value for money and quality hotels at reasonable prices are in plentiful supply. You can choose from hotels to hostels for reasonable budget prices, within the whole vicinity of the city centre.

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Things to do in Bratislava

A symbol of the city, Bratislava Castle commands a panoramic view of the city and the Danube from its hilltop position. Now mostly restored and open to the public it houses items from the Slovak National Museum and is also used by the Slovak parliament. Outside are beautiful ornamental gardens to relax and take in the views.

If you’re feeling energetic, continue past the attractive hillside villas to the Soviet War Memorial at Slavin. Otherwise follow the quaint cobbled streets down to the traffic-free old town. Visit the historical main square Hlavne Namestie, where there is a modern statue of Napoleon’s Army soldier leaning over a bench.

The Town Hall is home to the City Museum and the Primatial Palace, where Napoleon signed the peace treaty are one of the main attractions.

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