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Antwerp Travel Guide

Antwerp, a busy pocket-sized metropolis, has something for everyone. The city is an inspiring source of culture with impressive architecture and magnificent museums and churches. Thanks to artists such as Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens, Antwerp put itself on the art map, as one of Europe’s leading art centers. Europe’s largest harbour, caters to every needs, from upscale fashionistas to foodies and clubbers. It is renounced as the diamond capital of the world.

Pieter Paul Rubens Statue in Antwerp Travel Guide

Peter Paul Rubens Statue

Best Time to visit Antwerp

Best time to visit Antwerp is from May till September, with the high tourist season in July and August. Visiting Antwerp in the summer, can be a magnificent experience, especially during sunny days.

Late spring can be pleasantly warm and is recommended for its long, northern days. September and October are also good times to visit, as tourists have left and the weather is still warm enough to move around comfortably.

Most winter days are relatively grey but there are plenty of indoor activities. The warm breeze coming in off the North Sea keeps Antwerp pretty temperate all year around.

Accommodation in Antwerp

June to September, Antwerp is usually packed, with hotel prices rocketing. If you do not mind rain and wind, then autumn and early Spring can be a good choice, as hotels offer good deals and there is room abundance. Winters are chilly, but with great hotel prices.

If you feel like you don’t want to spend a fortune in hotels, then avoid the city centre and Oude Stad, where visitors go to find the essence of this city. Good budget options are Middelheim, or the neighbourhood of Berchem and many medium-priced and budget places are clustered in the Humdrum area around Centraal Station. Make sure you book your hotel in advance for better deals.

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Things to do in Antwerp

A visit to this city should definitely include the Museum Mayer van der Bergh for a glimpse of Pieter Bruegel’s painting Dulle Griet. Walk around the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady, a miracle of Gothic lightness that hosts some of Ruben’s works.

Visit the Ruben s House. If you love fashion, then Antwerp is the place for you. Known for top-of-the scale designers, you will find more than plenty of shops. Don’t forget to taste some of the finest artisan beers in the world crawling around local pubs.

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Antwerp Nightlife

Antwerp has numerous clubs and bars and plenty of events all year around. Here are some of Antwerp’s best Nightclubs:

Ampère Club Antwerp

Located beneath the central station, with a wide range of electronic music


Open every weekend, offering the best of electronic music in town

Cargo Club

Regularly hosts techno, house and acid nights and festivals

Roxy Antwerp

Open on Tuesdays & Saturdays, playing mostly House Music


From small parties and public rehearsals to concerts

The Villa Antwerp

A real Noah’s Ark for lovers of extravagant nightlife, open on weekends