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We love Electronic Dance Music Festivals and we are posting the best ones all over Europe. Whether you’re fan of house, techno, electronic or psytrance, there’s guaranteed to be something for you !!!

Amsterdam Dance Event

18 October - 22 October

Event Categories:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bing Bang Festival stage blue lights

Big Bang Festival

27 October - 28 October

Event Categories:

Eurosites 50 Av du Président Wilson
Paris, 93210 France

Mayday Poland Festival yellow celebrations lights

Mayday Poland

10 November

Event Categories:

Aleja Korfantego 35
Katowice, 40-005 Poland

Amazing Stage lights at Apokalypsa Festival

Apokalypsa 18 Years Anniversary

24 November

Event Categories:

Sportovní 559/2A
Brno, 60200 Czech Republic

Dj performing at Transmission Festival in Prague

Transmission Festival

25 November

Event Categories:

Českomoravská 2345/17
Prague, 190 00 Czech Republic

Electric Sea Dance Festival dj on top of dj box

Electric Sea Festival

2 December

Event Categories:

Zur Hansemesse 1-2
Rostock, 18106 Germany

Festicket Electronic Dance Music Festivals Tickets
Festicket Electronic Dance Music Festivals Tickets

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