Belgrade Travel Guide

Belgrade, Balkan’s biggest city overlooks the confluences of the River Sava and the Danube. Reminders of past rulers are everywhere, from grandiose Habsburg boulevards to cafes that recall the bygone days of Communist Yugoslavia. The city is a mix of languages, cultures, peoples and history, the threads of which are most apparent in its splendid architecture. European, yet with oriental influences, Belgrade offers tons of interesting sights and attractions, a fast-paced nightlife, great and affordable shopping, as well as a thriving cultural scene.

Prince Mihailo Monument in Belgrade Travel Guide

Prince Mihailo Monument

Best Time to visit Belgrade

Best time to visit Belgrade is during the summer, when the city really comes alive, particularly along the shores of the Danube and Sava. Former warehouseshave been converted into slick restaurants, bars and clubs, and Ada Ciganlija, a former island in the Sava has been developed into a recreational area. Bear in mind that summer comes with higher hotel prices.

Winter in Belgrade is chilly and cold, but if you do not mind cold winds and snow then, it can make a lovely winter destination with affordable hotel prices and great nightlife.

Knez Mihailova street in Belgrade Travel Guide

Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade

Accommodation in Belgrade

This city is a paradise for budget travelers, as it offers a huge selection of hotel deals. There are many budget hotels near the old city that offer good prices and are within walking distance from all the amenities and tourist attractions.

A good choice is the bohemian Skadarlija quarter, where you can find small hip accommodation at reasonable prices. Buses and taxis are generally cheap, therefore staying away from city centre will not be a problem.

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Things to do in Belgrade

Belgrade incorporates the Old Town, south of the citadel, and the New Town on the opposite bank of the Sava. The imposing Kalemegdan offers spectacular views of New Belgrade and the Ada Ciganlija island, overgrown with vegetation and open to all.

Nearby, the historic streets of the bohemian Skadarlija neighbourhood, a long-established home to artists and poets, are filled with the city’s oldest restaurants. Take a wander down the pedestrianised Knez Mihailova Street, one of the city’s grandest thoroughfares, or visit the Nikola Tesla Museum and the House of Flowers, Marshal Tito’s mausoleum.

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Shopping in Belgrade

Belgrade has more than 1000 stores with many local and foreign brands. You can find both casual and high end brands, like Dolce & Gabbana, Moscino, Gucci, CK, Fendi and many more. Knez Mihailova street, in the city centre, and its surrounding areas offer traditional shops, large and luxurious Western-style shopping malls and international brands such as Diesel, Replay, Benetton, Zara, Mango and Hugo Boss/

In luxury malls Like Galerija Mall, Rajiceva Mall and the Usce Sopping Mall you will also find bars, restaurants, coffee shops, cinema, place for kids to play, banks, exchange offices, places to buy some of the cool Belgrade souvenirs. Big stores like Zara and HM brands offer amazing deals all year around.

Local clothing brands are really interesting and you will find most of them in Cumicevo Sokace Mall. Some local Belgrade designers are way more expensive then famous high end names in the fashion industry in Belgrade.

JaneDoe Concept Store in Belgrade Travel guide

Where to eat in Belgrade

When it comes to food, Belgrade has one of the most tasty kitchens in Europe. Belgrade has hundreds of restaurants specializing in local cuisine and a number of international restaurants. You get high quality, great service and friendly prices. A meal will cost you from €5.00 to €10.00 per person and these are the prices in the popular Belgrade restaurants.

Traditional restaurants and taverns are called Kafana (Кафана). They often have string orchestras. There are many in Skadarlija in the Old Town. Fish restaurants are dotted along the banks of the Danube and Sava a little further out.

Without a doubt, the most popular choice of fast food in Belgrade is barbecue (roštilj), and there are dozens of barbecue joints around the city where you can have a Serbian burger for around €2, usually with free toppings included. Some of the most popular places are Stepin Vajat (Степин Вајат) and Duff at Autokomanda, Mara and Cica in the downtown area and Iva in Žarkovo.

Visit some of the top restaurants in Belgrade from the list below:

Vrh Beograda
Barbecue, Modern, Traditional

Donji Grad
Barbecue, European, Grill, Fusion

Local cuisine, Barbecue, Eastern European

Casa Nova
Italian, Mediterranean, European

Terminal GastroBar
Italian, International, Mediterranean

New Reset
French, European, Fusion

Salon 5
Italian, French, International

Mezestoran Dvorište
Mediterranean, European, Greek

SkyLounge Belgrade
Japanese, Sushi, Thai, Fusion, Seafood

Restoran Ciribu Ciriba
International, Barbecue, European

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