Zagreb Travel Guide

Zagreb has many surprises in store for all walks of life: great historical and cultural sites, numerous museums, many events and musical performances, exciting nightlife. Zagreb has the walkability of Prague, with the added bonus that the streetcars have to yield to pedestrians. Spacious, inviting public spaces, grand Austro-Hungarian architecture, and a rich array of churches and museums will lure you down small side streets.

Best Time to visit Zagreb

Best to visit Zagreb anytime between April and late September, where city comes to life.

If you are traveling on a budget, chose anytime between July and August, as locals leave for coastal vacations. Therefore hotels are cheaper and the city is less crowded with many open air activities.

Late winter in the months of November until February, Zagreb offers a wonderful scenery where you can find amazing deals on the local hotels.

Accommodation in Zagreb

Most of the hotels are located within the old town, in the pedestrian zone in the city centre. If you are travelling on a budget, choosing a hostel is also a good idea.

Getting around the city is easy. You can reach most of the attractions on foot as they are situated in the pedestrian zone. Public transport is well organized and there is a good and cheap taxi service.

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Things to do in Zagreb

The highlights lie within the thousand year old upper town of Gornji Grad. Here, one can find the Presidential Palace, the historic Church of St. Mark’s displaying the Croatian, Dalmatian and Slovenian coats of arms, now an impressive emblem of the city.

One minute, you’re standing on ancient cobblestones in front of St Mark’s Church, with multi-coloured roof tiles that look like they’ve been put together by medieval monks with a liking for Lego. The next, you’re round the corner, in a very 21st-century museum, which displays a dramatic, and often heartbreaking, collection of objects left over from love affairs gone wrong.

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