Salzburg Travel Guide

“Unveiling the City of Music and Charm”

Discover the magic of Salzburg with our in-depth Salzburg Travel Guide, offering insider tips and must-visit attractions for an unforgettable experience in the city of Mozart.


Salzburg, known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting for the iconic film “The Sound of Music,” is an enchanting Austrian city with a rich history, astonishing architecture, and breathtaking Alpine landscapes.

Between the Eastern Alps and the Salzach River, Salzburg is Austria’s fourth-largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its narrow cobblestone streets, charming squares, and baroque churches create a picturesque setting that attracts millions of tourists annually. With its fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty, Salzburg promises every visitor a unique and unforgettable experience.

Why Visit Salzburg

There are countless reasons to visit Salzburg, from its historical significance to its vibrant cultural scene. The city is rich in architectural treasures, offering visitors the chance to marvel at Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque buildings. Additionally, Salzburg is a haven for music lovers, with its renowned Salzburg Festival and Mozart-related attractions.

Best Time to Visit

Though Salzburg’s charm is undeniable year-round, the ideal period to visit depends on your preferences and interests. Spring and autumn offer mild temperatures and fewer crowds, while summer presents many outdoor activities and vibrant festivals. Winter, on the other hand, transforms the city into a magical, snow-covered wonderland.

How to Get There

Salzburg is easily accessible by air, train, or car. The city’s airport, Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart, offers international flights from major European cities. Alternatively, Salzburg Hauptbahnhof is well-connected to other Austrian cities and international destinations, including Munich, Vienna, and Zurich. If you prefer to drive, Salzburg is located near the A1 West Autobahn, making it easy to reach by car.

Getting Around

Salzburg is a compact city, making exploring on foot or by bicycle easy. The town offers an efficient network of buses and local trains for those who prefer public transportation. Taxis and rideshare services are also available.

Practical Tips

  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Language: German, but English is widely spoken
  • Electrical outlets: Type F, 230V
  • Emergency number: 112

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salzburg expensive?

While less pricey than Vienna, Salzburg can be expensive. However, there are affordable accommodation and dining options.

Do I need a car in Salzburg?

A car is unnecessary, as the city is compact and has excellent public transportation options.

What is the primary language spoken in Salzburg?

The primary language spoken in Salzburg is German, but many residents and people working in the tourism industry also speak English.

Is Salzburg a safe city for tourists?

Salzburg is considered a safe city for tourists, with low crime rates. However, exercising caution and taking common-sense precautions, such as not leaving valuables unattended, is always a good idea.

How many days should I spend in Salzburg?

Most visitors find that spending 2-3 days in Salzburg allows enough time to explore the city’s main attractions. However, consider a more extended stay if you want to take day trips to nearby destinations.

Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Accommodation in Salzburg

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and home to stunning baroque architecture, offers a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. From luxury hotels and charming boutique inns to budget-friendly hostels and quaint vacation rentals, you’ll find the perfect place to rest your head after a day of exploring the city’s rich cultural offerings and breathtaking Alpine surroundings.

Luxury Hotels

For a truly indulgent experience, consider staying at one of Salzburg’s luxury hotels. The Hotel Sacher Salzburg, a historic establishment with elegant furnishings and impeccable service, offers stunning views of the Salzach River and the city’s iconic Hohensalzburg Fortress. Alternatively, the Hotel Goldener Hirsch, a Luxury Collection Hotel, offers an authentic Austrian experience with its traditional furnishings and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Boutique Hotels and Inns

Experience the charm of Salzburg’s boutique hotels and inns, which offer personalised service and unique accommodations in the city’s heart. The Boutique Hotel Auersperg, a family-run establishment, blends modern design and classic Austrian charm in a peaceful garden setting. For a unique and intimate experience, consider staying at the Boutique Hotel am Dom, a stylish boutique hotel situated in the heart of Salzburg’s Old Town.

Mid-Range Hotels

Salzburg offers a variety of mid-range hotels that provide excellent value for money for those seeking comfortable accommodations without breaking the bank. The Imlauer Hotel Pitter Salzburg, conveniently located near the city’s historic centre, offers modern and comfortable rooms with various amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. Alternatively, the family-friendly Hotel Max 70 provides spacious accommodations and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for those travelling with children.

Vacation Rentals

Enjoy the comforts of home in one of Salzburg’s many vacation rentals, which offer the perfect opportunity to experience life as a local while enjoying the privacy and flexibility to tailor your stay to your preferences. The Luxurious Mozart Apartment is a beautiful, fully-equipped accommodation in the heart of Salzburg, offering stunning views of the city and its landmarks. Alternatively, opt for the Salzburg City Appartement, a cozy, well-appointed apartment located in the Linzergasse pedestrian area, featuring a tasteful blend of modern amenities and traditional Austrian design.


Budget-conscious travellers will find a wide selection of affordable hostels in Salzburg that offer a friendly and cost-effective way to explore the city. Choose from options like the vibrant Yoho International Youth Hostel, which offers a range of private and shared rooms in a lively setting, or the modern and eco-friendly Muffin Hostel, known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent location close to popular attractions. Both hostels provide comfortable accommodations and a variety of amenities to ensure a pleasant stay in the heart of Salzburg.

With a diverse range of accommodation options, Salzburg promises a memorable stay that caters to all tastes and preferences. The city’s vibrant lodging scene offers the perfect home base for your Austrian adventure, from luxurious hotels and charming inns to budget-friendly hostels and cosy vacation rentals.

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Things to do in Salzburg

Salzburg offers many activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy, catering to various interests. From exploring the city’s historic sites and museums to indulging in local cuisine and shopping at charming markets, there’s no shortage of things to do in this enchanting Austrian city.

Additionally, Salzburg is home to numerous parks and gardens, providing ample opportunities for strolls and relaxation. For a more immersive experience, consider joining one of the many tours and activities available, which cover everything from guided city walks to river cruises and food-tasting adventures.

Guided City Tours

A guided city tour is an excellent way to gain insight into Salzburg’s rich history and culture while exploring its iconic landmarks. Consider joining the “Salzburg City Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour” and get a comprehensive overview of Salzburg’s attractions with onboard commentary in 13 languages. For a more personalised experience, opt for the “Salzburg Old Town Walking Tour”, which offers a tailored itinerary and the undivided attention of your knowledgeable guide.

River Cruises

Experience the beauty of Salzburg from a unique perspective on a scenic river cruise along the Salzach River. Take the “Salzburg Sightseeing City Cruise on Salzach River” to enjoy panoramic views over the city’s medieval riverbanks. In contrast, the “Best of Mozart Concert at Fortress Hohensalzburg with Amphibious Splash Tour” offers a ride on the Salzach river on board a special “Amphibious Splash” vehicle, followed by a “Best of Mozart” concert in a spectacular setting in Fortress Hohensalzburg.

Food and Drink Experiences

Discover the flavours of Salzburg by joining one of the city’s many food and drink experiences. The “Local beer tasting & food pairings” allows you to sample a variety of local brews while enjoying small plates of traditional dishes. For a more comprehensive culinary journey, consider the “Salzburg Food Tasting Tour: delicious & fun” which combines drinks, sweets, and signature Austrian cuisine at major markets and artisanal shops.

Browse a comprehensive selection of tours and activities from below to make the most of your Salzburg adventure and create unforgettable memories.

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Shopping in Salzburg

Salzburg’s diverse shopping scene caters to all tastes and budgets, offering everything from high-end designer boutiques and modern shopping malls to traditional markets and charming artisan stores. Whether hunting for the latest fashion trends, unique souvenirs, or delicious local delicacies, you’ll find many shopping opportunities throughout the city. With a blend of local and international brands and a thriving community of local craftsmen and designers, shopping in Salzburg is a delightful experience that allows you to explore the city’s creative spirit.

Luxury Shopping

For those with a penchant for luxury, Salzburg offers an array of upscale boutiques and designer stores. Stroll along Getreidegasse, the city’s most famous shopping street, where you’ll find flagship stores of iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Swarovski. Alternatively, visit the elegant Salzburg Goldgasse, an exclusive shopping street with a carefully curated selection of luxury fashion, jewellery, and accessories.

Shopping Malls and Department Stores

Salzburg has you covered if you prefer the convenience of shopping malls and department stores. Head to Europark, a modern shopping centre located on the city’s outskirts, boasting over 130 shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. For a more historical shopping experience, visit the iconic Kastner & Öhler, a well-established department store with a wide range of local and international brands.

Local Markets and Artisan Shops

Discover the charm of Salzburg’s local markets and artisan shops, where you can find unique handmade items, traditional Austrian crafts, and delicious local delicacies. Browse the colourful stalls at Schranne, a weekly outdoor market in the city centre that offers everything from fresh produce to handmade jewellery and souvenirs. For a more contemporary shopping experience, visit Trachten Stassny, a boutique specialising in traditional Austrian clothing, or St. Sebastian Handwerk & Design, which offers a wide range of handmade Austrian products, including ceramics, textiles, and woodcrafts.

Antique and Vintage Shopping

If you’re a fan of antique and vintage finds, Salzburg’s thriving scene offers plenty of opportunities to hunt for treasures. Explore the city’s numerous antique stores, such as the famous Antiquitäten Albert Sturm, which specialises in fine art, furniture, and decorative items, or visit the famous Vintage Fashion Market, which features a diverse selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and collectables.

No matter your shopping preferences, Salzburg’s vibrant and varied shopping scene promises a delightful experience that allows you to explore the city’s creative spirit while finding unique items and unforgettable souvenirs to take home with you.

Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Where to eat in Salzburg

The culinary scene in Salzburg is a delightful blend of traditional Austrian cuisine and international influences, offering a diverse array of dining experiences to suit all palates and budgets. From cosy cafes and bustling food markets to gourmet restaurants and historic beer halls, you’ll find a wealth of gastronomic delights to indulge in during your visit to this enchanting Austrian city. With a focus on hearty dishes, flavourful ingredients, and local produce, dining in Salzburg is a feast for the senses.

Traditional Austrian Cuisine

Experience the rich flavours of traditional Austrian cuisine at one of the city’s many local restaurants and taverns. Visit the historic St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, a centuries-old restaurant that serves classic Austrian dishes like Wiener schnitzel and tafelspitz alongside an extensive wine list. For a more modern take on Austrian classics, head to Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood, which offers creative, bite-sized versions of traditional dishes in a contemporary setting.

International and Fusion Restaurants

Salzburg’s culinary scene also boasts an impressive variety of international and fusion restaurants showcasing flavours from around the world. Taste authentic Italian dishes at L’Osteria, a famous Italian restaurant emphasising high-quality ingredients and expertly crafted dishes. To taste Asian cuisine, visit My Indigo, a trendy eatery that combines Southeast Asian flavours in a casual and modern setting.

Vegetarian and Vegan Dining

The city’s growing vegetarian and vegan scene offers delicious plant-based options for locals and visitors alike. Stop by The Heart of Joy Café, a popular vegetarian and vegan restaurant that serves an eclectic menu of globally inspired dishes in a cosy and peaceful atmosphere. Alternatively, you can visit Gustav Cafe & Bistro, a vegetarian and vegan eatery that offers a diverse menu of international dishes, from Indian curries to Mediterranean meze platters.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Salzburg’s thriving café culture provides the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge during city explorations. Visit Café Tomaselli, a historic café that has been a favourite haunt of intellectuals and artists since 1705, or indulge in delicious pastries and coffee at the charming Cafe Conditorei Fürst, home to the original Salzburger Mozartkugel. For a more modern café experience, check out the popular 220 Grad, known for its expertly crafted espresso drinks and industrial-chic design.

With its diverse culinary scene and rich gastronomic heritage, Salzburg promises a memorable dining experience that caters to all tastes and preferences. From traditional Austrian fare to international cuisine and innovative fusion dishes, the city’s vibrant food scene is a delight for food lovers and curious travellers alike.

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium Restaurant in Salzburg Travel guide

Nightlife in Salzburg

Salzburg’s lively nightlife scene offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors to enjoy, from trendy cocktail bars and cosy wine taverns to bustling nightclubs and historic beer gardens. Whether you’re looking to unwind with a glass of local wine, dance the night away at a famous club, or enjoy live music in an intimate setting, the City of Mozart has something for everyone.

Cocktail Bars and Lounges

Savour expertly crafted cocktails and discover unique concoctions at one of Salzburg’s many stylish bars and lounges. Visit the elegant Mayday Bar, a popular establishment that combines a sleek lounge atmosphere with inventive cocktails and gourmet bites. For a more intimate experience, try the Little Grain, a cosy cocktail bar offering handcrafted drinks in a warm and inviting setting.

Wine Bars and Taverns

Sample the flavours of local and international wines at one of Salzburg’s cosy wine bars or historic taverns. Head to Flavour Weinbar Restaurant, a contemporary wine bar with an extensive selection of Austrian and international wines, or venture down to St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, a hidden gem tucked away in a historic monastery with a curated list of wines from around the world.

Nightclubs and Dance Venues

Salzburg offers an array of nightclubs and dance venues for those looking to dance the night away to suit all tastes and styles. Visit the iconic Half Moon, one of the city’s longest-running clubs with an eclectic mix of live music and DJ sets. For a more glamorous experience, dress to impress and head to Vis-à-Vis Bar, a chic bar with stunning city skyline views and occasional live performances.

Live Music Venues

Immerse yourself in Salzburg’s thriving live music scene at one of the city’s many venues, which showcase everything from local talent to international acts. Visit the famous Jazzit Musik Club, a venue that hosts a variety of jazz, blues, and world music performances, or experience the intimate atmosphere of Rockhouse, a historic music club located near the Salzach River.

With its eclectic nightlife scene and rich entertainment options, Salzburg promises an unforgettable night out for all tastes and preferences. From stylish bars and historic pubs to vibrant nightclubs and intimate live music venues, the city’s dynamic nightlife offerings provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening in the City of Mozart.

Mayday bar in Salzburg Travel guide

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