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Athens is the oldest city in Europe, the birthplace of Classical Greece, and therefore of Western civilization. Athens is the city of gods, goddesses, and some of history’s greatest philosophers, boasting glorious ancient temples, like its iconic Parthenon. Today, greater Athens is by far the economic, political and cultural centre of modern Greece, with nearly half of the country’s population. It’s one of Europe’s liveliest cities, a mix of grunge and grace with an undeniable urban soul.

Best Time to visit Athens

The best time to visit Athens is form April through May and from mid-September through October. During these periods the weather is warm and sightseeing gets easier with fewer tourists in the city. Hot temperatures from mid-June to late-August can be tiring, however the city is at it’s best, with everybody out in the streets, having coffees or lunches. Between November and February the weather is unpredictable, ranging from crisp, bright days to rain and even occasional snow – the compensation being a relative scarcity of tourists.

Things to do in Athens

Lift your eyes 50 meters above the city to the Parthenon, its honey-colour marble columns rising from a massive limestone base, and you behold architectural perfection that has not been surpassed in 2500 years. Take a walk in the ancient Agora and feel the footsteps of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Visit the National Archeological Museum and the new Acropolis Museum, both featuring the world’s largest collection of ancient Greek antiquities.

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Accommodation in Athens

Athens has a wide range of accommodation options, from luxurious and designer boutique hotels to small pensions and hostels. You will also find a great variety of Airbnbs for all pockets and taste. Hotel prices in Athens are in average less expensive than the rest of Europe.

This city is a paradise for budget travellers, as it offers a huge selection of hotel deals and hostels. There are many budget hotels near the city centre which are close to all tourist attractions and are accessible by foot. Bear in mind that Athens traffic is immense, so the Metro is a good choice. Buses and taxis are generally cheap, thus staying away from the city centre will not be a problem.

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Nightlife in Athens

Athens boasts one of the most happening nightlife scenes in Europe, which now centres on the urban-chic bars and cafés between Syntagma and grungy Monastiraki (at the foot of the Acropolis), and the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Metaxourgiou, known for its art galleries and hip eateries. Visit Plaka, just beneath the Acropolis and taste traditional food in a Taverna and dare to try some Ouzo (anise-flavoured aperitif).

There are numerous night clubs to enjoy dancing till late in the night. Here are some of Athens’s best dance clubs:

Six D.O.G.S

Six d.o.g.s is the perfect place for fans of the underground techno scene


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Lohan Nightclub

A trendy nightclub with music ranging from House, dance music and commercial


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One of the most popular nightclubs, plays house, deep house and electronic music


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Pixi Athens

Unique audio-visual experience, 3D projections and lots of electronic music selections with famous DJs


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Attracts crowds addicted to electronic music and is the Mekkah of hipsters


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Luxury Club with amazing design, with a different party every night


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