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“Explore the Venice of the North”

Discover the magic of the Venice of the North with our comprehensive Amsterdam Travel Guide. Unveil the city’s hidden gems, culinary delights, and vibrant culture in this captivating journey.


Welcome to Amsterdam, a city that captivates the imagination with its iconic canals, vibrant culture, and rich history. Known for its artistic heritage, world-class museums and bustling nightlife, this enchanting city offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. In this Amsterdam Travel Guide, we’ll help you uncover the city’s hidden gems and guide you through its most iconic landmarks, to ensure that you make the most of your visit to the Venice of the North.

Top Attractions: Must-Visit Spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is brimming with incredible sights and attractions that cater to every taste and interest. Here’s a list of must-visit spots to include in your Amsterdam travel itinerary:

  1. Anne Frank House
  2. Van Gogh Museum
  3. Rijksmuseum
  4. Heineken Experience
  5. Vondelpark
  6. Royal Palace Amsterdam
  7. A’DAM Lookout
  8. Jordaan Neighborhood
  9. The Nine Streets

The Canal Ring: Amsterdam’s Watery Wonderland

No Amsterdam Travel Guide would be complete without a deep dive into the city’s famous Canal Ring. In this section, we’ll explore the history, beauty, and allure of these waterways that give the city its unique charm.

A Brief History of the Canals

The Canal Ring, or “Grachtengordel” in Dutch, was constructed during the 17th century as a result of rapid urban expansion. The three main canals – Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht – were built for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Today, they stand as a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural prowess.

Canal Cruises: The Perfect Way to Explore

One of the best ways to experience the magic of Amsterdam’s canals is by taking a canal cruise. Numerous companies offer a variety of cruise options, ranging from daytime tours to romantic candlelit evening excursions. Sit back, relax, and soak in the city’s beauty as you glide along its serene waterways.

Cultural Treasures: Amsterdam’s World-Class Museums

Amsterdam is home to an impressive array of museums, boasting everything from renowned works of art to fascinating historical exhibits. In this section of our Amsterdam Travel Guide, we’ll delve into some of the city’s most famous cultural institutions.

Van Gogh Museum: A Tribute to a Tortured Genius

The Van Gogh Museum is an absolute must-visit for art lovers, housing the world’s largest collection of works by the celebrated Dutch painter. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Van Gogh and learn about his life, struggles, and artistic evolution.

Rijksmuseum: A Journey Through Dutch History

The Rijksmuseum is the Netherlands’ premier museum, featuring an extensive collection of Dutch art and history. From Rembrandt’s iconic “Night Watch” to Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid,” this museum offers a comprehensive overview of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Culinary Delights: Savor the Flavors of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of traditional Dutch fare and international influences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a highly walkable city, and the best way to explore its charming streets is on foot or by bike. Public transportation, including trams and buses, is also convenient and efficient.

What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

The best time to visit Amsterdam is during the spring (April to May) or fall (September to October) when the weather is pleasant, and the city is less crowded.

Is Amsterdam safe for tourists?

Amsterdam is generally safe for tourists, but as with any city, it’s essential to remain vigilant and take basic precautions.

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Amsterdam Accommodation Options

Amsterdam boasts a diverse array of accommodation options to cater to every traveler’s needs and preferences. From luxurious canal-side hotels and charming boutique properties to quirky hostels and cozy guesthouses, the city offers something for everyone.

Additionally, Amsterdam’s distinct neighborhoods each provide their unique atmosphere and characteristics, making it essential to choose the right area for your stay. Whether you’re seeking the vibrant nightlife of De Pijp, the historic charm of Jordaan, or the laid-back ambiance of Oud-West, our guide to Amsterdam’s accommodations will help you find the perfect property to book. Available on, these options showcase the best of what the city has to offer, ensuring you have a memorable and comfortable stay in the Venice of the North.

Luxurious Living: Top-Notch Hotels in Amsterdam

  • Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: Set along the prestigious Herengracht canal, this exquisite hotel exudes luxury and elegance. With beautifully appointed rooms, Michelin-starred dining, and exceptional service, the Waldorf Astoria is the epitome of opulence.
  • Pulitzer Amsterdam: Nestled within a maze of historic canal houses, Pulitzer Amsterdam offers a unique and luxurious stay. The hotel seamlessly blends its rich history with modern comforts, creating a stylish and sophisticated experience.

Boutique Charm: Quirky and Cozy Accommodations

  • The Hoxton, Amsterdam: This trendy boutique hotel is located in the heart of the city, offering stylish rooms and an eclectic atmosphere. The Hoxton’s central location and vibrant social scene make it a popular choice for design-conscious travelers.
  • Ambassade Hotel: Situated along the picturesque Herengracht canal, the Ambassade Hotel is a collection of 17th-century canal houses that have been lovingly transformed into a charming boutique property. The hotel is renowned for its impressive art collection and cozy library.

Budget-Friendly Stays: Affordable Options in Amsterdam

  • ClinkNOORD Hostel: Just a short ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal Station, ClinkNOORD offers clean and comfortable accommodations in a hip, industrial setting. With both private rooms and dormitories, this budget-friendly option caters to a variety of travelers.
  • CityHub Amsterdam: This modern and innovative hotel provides private sleeping pods with a futuristic feel. The shared bathroom facilities and self-service check-in make CityHub an affordable and unique option for budget-conscious travelers.

These accommodations, available on, showcase the diversity of options in Amsterdam. Whether you’re seeking luxury, charm, or affordability, the city has a wealth of properties that cater to every type of traveler.

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Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city renowned for its picturesque canals, vibrant culture, and rich history, offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you’re an art aficionado, a history enthusiast, or a leisurely explorer, there’s no shortage of things to do in this enchanting city.

As you meander through Amsterdam’s charming streets and historic neighbourhoods, you’ll uncover a diverse array of cultural, architectural, and culinary treasures. From admiring world-famous masterpieces in renowned museums to cruising the iconic canals and savouring mouthwatering cuisine, Amsterdam promises a captivating journey for all. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most iconic activities and must-see attractions available on that will make your visit to the Venice of the North truly unforgettable.

Explore Amsterdam’s Rich History and Vibrant Culture

Discover the city’s fascinating past and lively present with these popular tours and activities on Viator:

  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise: Soak in the beauty of Amsterdam’s famous canals on a guided cruise, providing unique perspectives on the city’s historic architecture and charming neighbourhoods.
  • Anne Frank House and Jewish Cultural Quarter Tour: Gain insight into Amsterdam’s Jewish history and visit the poignant Anne Frank House, a testament to the city’s resilience and a powerful reminder of the past.

Art and Architecture: Amsterdam’s Masterpieces

Amsterdam’s artistic heritage and stunning architecture are a must-see for any visitor. Experience the best of both with these Viator tours:

Savor the Flavors: Amsterdam’s Culinary Scene

Indulge in Amsterdam’s diverse and delicious food scene with these tantalizing tours available on Viator:

  • Amsterdam Jordaan District Food Tasting Tour: Take a stroll through the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood to sample delicious local delicacies while exploring the charming streets, boutiques, and cozy cafés..
  • Brew Bus Amsterdam, #1 Craft Beer & Brewery Tour: Tap into Amsterdam’s booming craft beer scene as your expert guide gives you the ultimate beer experience with access to 3 different top breweries in Amsterdam.Read more about Brew Bus Amsterdam, #1 Craft Beer & Brewery Tour

Off the Beaten Path: Unique Amsterdam Experiences

For a truly unique experience, embark on these one-of-a-kind tours and activities on Viator:

  • Countryside Bike Tour: Escape the city’s hustle and bustle on a guided bike tour through the idyllic Dutch countryside, complete with picturesque windmills and charming villages.
  • Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Guided Walking Tour: Discover the infamous Red Light District and learn about its history, culture, and impact on Amsterdam’s social fabric, all under the guidance of an expert local guide.

With its diverse array of experiences, Amsterdam offers something for everyone. Be sure to take advantage of the city’s rich offerings and make your visit truly unforgettable by exploring these incredible tours and activities available at

Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a shopper’s paradise, offering a delightful mix of trendy boutiques, vintage stores, and bustling markets. In this section of our Amsterdam Travel Guide, we’ll explore the city’s best shopping areas and must-visit shops for a truly unforgettable retail experience.

Designer District: P.C. Hooftstraat

For those in search of luxury and high-end fashion, P.C. Hooftstraat is Amsterdam’s premier shopping destination. Here, you’ll find a selection of designer brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel, nestled among the city’s picturesque canals and historic buildings.

Quirky Finds: The Nine Streets

The Nine Streets, or “De Negen Straatjes,” is a charming area located in Amsterdam’s canal district. This shopping haven is filled with a variety of unique boutiques, vintage shops, and trendy concept stores, making it the perfect spot to find one-of-a-kind treasures.

Eclectic Shopping: Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk

These two streets form an eclectic shopping destination where you’ll discover a mix of fashionable boutiques, specialty shops, and cozy cafes. The area is perfect for leisurely strolls and offers an enjoyable shopping experience amid Amsterdam’s charming atmosphere.

A Market for Every Taste: Amsterdam’s Bustling Markets

Amsterdam boasts numerous markets, each with its unique character and offerings. Don’t miss these popular spots:

  • Albert Cuyp Market: As the city’s largest street market, Albert Cuyp offers a wide array of products, from fresh produce and flowers to clothing and souvenirs.
  • Bloemenmarkt: Known as the world’s only floating flower market, Bloemenmarkt is a must-visit for its colorful and fragrant floral displays.

Whether you’re in search of high-end fashion, unique finds, or bustling markets, Amsterdam’s shopping scene is sure to satisfy every taste and budget. Be sure to explore the city’s retail offerings during your visit, and enjoy a day of retail therapy in the Venice of the North.

Shopping Street in Amsterdam travel guide

Where to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s culinary landscape is as diverse and captivating as the city itself, offering a delightful fusion of traditional Dutch fare and flavours from around the world. In this section of our Amsterdam Travel Guide, we’ll delve into popular restaurants, charming cafes, and irresistible street food options that will tantalise your taste buds.

Hearty Dutch Delights: Local Favorites

To truly experience the local flavours, indulge in some traditional Dutch dishes at these popular eateries:

  • Restaurant Greetje: With a menu inspired by classic Dutch recipes, Greetje offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere to savour the delicious flavours of the Netherlands.
  • Café de Klos: Renowned for its mouthwatering grilled meats, Café de Klos is the perfect spot for carnivores looking to try authentic Dutch-style barbecue.

International Flavors: Amsterdam’s Diverse Dining Scene

With its multicultural population, Amsterdam’s dining scene offers a plethora of global flavours. Here are some popular spots to experience international cuisines:

  • Restaurant Blauw: Serving up mouthwatering Indonesian dishes, Blauw is the perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous rijsttafel in a stylish setting.
  • Bakers & Roasters: A favourite among locals, this New Zealand-style café offers a delicious selection of brunch dishes and sweet treats in a relaxed atmosphere.

Street Food Gems: Casual Eats in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s street food scene is just as enticing as its restaurants. Check out these local hotspots for a quick and delicious bite:

  • Manneken Pis: This popular street food joint is famous for its crispy, golden fries, served with a variety of tasty sauces.
  • Vleminckx Sausmeesters: Another must-try for fry enthusiasts, Vleminckx offers fresh-cut fries paired with an array of delicious toppings.

With its delightful blend of traditional Dutch cuisine and international flavours, Amsterdam’s culinary scene is sure to satisfy every palate. Be sure to explore the city’s vibrant food culture during your visit, and experience the rich tapestry of flavours that the Venice of the North has to offer.

Amsterdam Nightlife

Amsterdam’s nightlife is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, offering a wide range of entertainment options to suit every taste. From bustling bars and cozy pubs to lively clubs and live music venues, Amsterdam has something for everyone when the sun goes down. In this section of our Amsterdam Travel Guide, we’ll explore some of the city’s most popular nightlife spots that promise a memorable night out.

Bustling Bars: Amsterdam’s Cozy Watering Holes

Sip on a refreshing beverage and enjoy lively conversations at these popular Amsterdam bars:

  • Café Hoppe: A historic brown cafe, Café Hoppe has been a local favorite since 1670. Savor a classic Dutch beer and soak in the cozy atmosphere.
  • Tales & Spirits: This trendy cocktail bar offers an extensive menu of creative concoctions, making it a must-visit for mixology enthusiasts.

Dance the Night Away: Amsterdam’s Vibrant Club Scene

For those looking to dance the night away, Amsterdam’s club scene has plenty to offer. Check out these popular spots:

  • Paradiso: Housed in a former church, Paradiso is a legendary live music venue and nightclub, hosting a diverse lineup of performances and dance events.
  • Club AIR: With its state-of-the-art sound system and impressive light shows, Club AIR is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its lively dance parties and international DJ sets.

Live Music Venues: Tune into Amsterdam’s Melodies

Experience Amsterdam’s thriving live music scene at these iconic venues:

  • Bitterzoet: This intimate venue offers an eclectic mix of live music and DJ sets, ranging from hip-hop and funk to indie rock and electronic beats.
  • Melkweg: A legendary concert venue and cultural center, Melkweg hosts a diverse array of performances, from international acts to up-and-coming local talent.

No matter your preferences, Amsterdam’s nightlife offers an unforgettable experience for every reveler. Be sure to explore the city’s vibrant entertainment options and create lasting memories during your visit to the Venice of the North.

Amsterdam Music Festivals

There are so many Events of all kinds in and around Amsterdam, especially in the Summer. Explore some of the best music festivals in Amsterdam below:

DGTL Amsterdam

Electronic, House, Techno

DGTL Amsterdam is an underground electronic music festival.

More info

Kingsland Festival Amsterdam

EDM, Electronic, House, Techno

Celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

More info

Dekmantel Festival

Electronic, House, Techno

A cutting edge electronic music festival.

More info

Loveland Festival

Electronic, House, Techno

A 15 years old multi-genre electronic music festival.

More info

Mysteryland Festival

Electronic, House, Techno

The original electronic music festival, dating back to 1993.

More info

Amsterdam Dance Event

EDM, Electronic, House, Techno, Trance

ADE is one of electronic music’s most important events.

More info

ADE presents — What's Your Vibe? - Official ADE22 Film

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