Best Christmas Destinations

Christmas in Europe is a wonderful time to visit major cities with amazing Christmas markets, lots of festivities, fun, enjoyment, nightlife and great shopping. Discover the best Christmas destinations in Europe for your perfect Christmas holidays.

Best Christmas Destinations Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna, Austria

The City Hall Square transforms into a shining Christmas market, with tree decorations, sweets and people sipping the warm traditional “Glühwein” (mulled wine). Most squares in Vienna create small Christmas markets and the smell of Christmas bakeries and sweets is everywhere. Christmas in Vienna is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss, one of the best Christmas destinations in the world.

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Best Christmas Destinations Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin, Germany

Berlin shines in a festive blaze of Christmas lights with its 60 wintery markets to wander round and enjoy. From gigantic wonderland with warm mulled wine (Glühwein). Fairytale wooden huts entwine with the famous Environmental Christmas market offering a cozy and organic view for everyone ;s favourite season holiday. Berlin has it all to make your Christmas holidays unique, one of the best Christmas destinations for the whole family.

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Best Christmas Destinations London Christmas Market

London, United Kingdom

There’s nothing more festive as London at Christmas time. The city boast an exciting seasonal programme, offering a spectacular sight throughout each and every corner. Wonderful events, pop-ups attractions and flavours of Christmas, all get you in the festive mood. Don’t miss London on Christmas, it is definitely one of best Christmas destinations in Europe.

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Best Christmas Destinations Paris Christmas Market

Paris, France

Christmas in Paris is le plus merveilleux time of the year! The 150,000 Christmas lights adorning the Champs Elysées alone, is a reason good enough to visit. Imagine your Christmas holidays spent under the sounds of the Christmas choirs that are located all over the city, while enjoying fresh oysters from Brittany, foie gras, truffles, chestnuts and champagne. What else can be better than Paris on Christmas.

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Best Christmas Destinations Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb, Croatia

Zargeb Advent is the Best European Christmas Destination for 2015, for a very good reason – for 6 weeks Zagreb turns into a fairytale. Al fresco festivities, music, local flavours, entwine with a unique magical atmosphere. The whole city turns into a giant fair that invites you to sing and dance, and enjoy its unique moments.

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Best Christmas Destinations Salzburg Christmas Market

Salzburg, Austria

Lucky the ones in Salzburg, luckier the ones in Salzburg on Christmas. Countless Christmas bells surrounding the Christmas markets, snow-covered roofs and the smell of warm wine and roasted chestnuts. This is Christmas in Salzburg. A time filled with warmth and gingerbread hearts, where magic awaits!

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Best Christmas Destinations Amsterdam Christmas Boat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of Christmas markets to get you into the festive mood. And Amsterdam has no shortage of such! Christmas concerts, ice skates, chestnuts and artisan arts and crafts under the season lights, offer a warm and fuzzy atmosphere, and cater for every Santa’s wishes!

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Best Christmas Destinations Prague Christmas Market

Prague, Czech Republic

The so called Paris of the East, a true romantic city for couples holding hands, offers walks by the Danube river, the Castle District and the Chain Bridge. You can find all year around jazz, rock and classical music concerts and dine in great restaurants, or on a sunset cruise.

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Best Christmas Destinations Copenhagen Christmas Market

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the epitome of Christmas cities! Everything oozes festivities and love during Christmas. It’s a season filled with magnificent traditions and unique experiences. As the Scandinavian cold takes over, the festive spirit heats up and Copenhagen glows with Christmas markets and celebrations, both indoors and out.

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