The 8 Best Places to Shop in Paris

The city of love is also the best city for shopping. A destination which is home to not only the Eiffel Tower, but also many brands. Paris is a must-visit shopping destination for shopaholics from around the world. Paris not only promises tourism, but it has been serving as one of the best shopping destinations. Paris, one of the best shopping cities in Europe is famous for its brand stores and shopping streets. It has a collection of all the luxurious and much-adored pieces of antiques, jewellery and designer dresses. We are going to look at the 8 top shopping locations of this city, in order to make the best out of our next tour to Paris.

1. Avenue des Champs Elysées

Marche Dauphine Antiques Market at Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris best places to shop

Avenue des Champs Elysées is a place that promises an experience so unforgettable, that you might just fall in love with this avenue. This extraordinary place is home to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Mont-Blanc, Guerlain, Ferrari and flagship stores like Banana Republic, Abercrombie and Sephora. This enormous avenue promises every shopaholic a journey full of colours and awesomeness. If you are traveling through Paris, Avenue des Champs Elysées, frequently described as the “world’s most beautiful avenue”, is a must visit location for you.

2. Le Marais

Bis Boutique Solitaire in Le Marais area in Paris best places to shop

Le Marais is one of the best places to go shopping in the city of Paris. This place is home to many vintage stores from long coats and lined boots to babydoll nighties and négligées. Furthermore many trendy boutiques with a wide range collection of designer clothes surround the area. There are many food outlets and classic restaurants that promise the most delicious of the delicacies. This place is the perfect place to chill, hang out and go shopping. The most purchased items are vintage articles, glasses, and hats.

3. Rue De Rivoli

Tilt Vinage Shop at Rue de Rivoli in Paris

There is actually too much to explore in Rue De Rivoli of Paris. The truth is it’s nearly impossible for anyone to explore all the boutiques and stores present in this area. A famous garden and the historic museum nearby make the area more crowded and the market much busier. The area is beautiful to walk in and the stores have a variety of products. The items that people generally buy from here include classy shoes and fashion wears.

4. Boulevard Saint Germain

Kilo Shop at Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris best places to shop

Photo: Kilo Shop

If you are looking for a high-end party wear then Boulevard Saint Germain is the place you would want to go to. This place is famous for its home decoration products as well. Many casual accessories are easily found here. Boulevard Saint Germain is one of the best shopping locations in Paris. The incredible architectural work on the buildings and the wide clean roads enhances the shopping experience. Fashion boutiques in this place are very famous and have the ultimate collection of fashion wear.

5. Boulevard Haussmann

Galeries Lafayette at Boulevard Haussmann in Paris best places to shop

Boulevard Haussmann is situated in the heart of the city and promises you an awesome shopping experience. Being the one stop to all the different shops is the unique thing that this place is popular for. You can buy all the high-end products of different brands and luxurious accessories as well. There is a wide collection of home decor accessories available to choose from. Galeries Lafayette, Top Shopping and Printemps Women are among famous shops at Boulevard Haussmann. This place has got everything for everyone.

6. Avenue des Ternes

Mellow Yellow Ternes shop at Avenue des Ternes in Paris best places to shop

Avenue des Ternes is a paradise that you can’t afford to miss on your trip to Paris. It is of the most popular shopping places in Europe. This place is a lot talked of by the people who have already visited here. The people who know about this place have been carrying the dream of visiting this place for at least once. This place sells a lot of products but among them, books are the most sold products in this market area. The stores have luxury clothing and are also known for the designer bags.

7. Saint Ouen Flea Market

Marche Dauphine Antiques Market at Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris best places to shop

Out of many flea markets of Paris, Saint Ouen Flea Market is one of the most visited flea markets. It has a wide range of products available and the best part is this is one of the most affordable places in Paris. Here you can also find exact replicas of the branded product. This is a market which is worth exploring for everyone who visits Paris. The most commonly bought products include antiques and vintage clothes.

8. Rue du Commerce

Marche Dauphine Antiques Market at Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris best places to shop

Photo: Rue du Commerce Street in Paris

The famous bakeries and their delicious servings are one of the most important aspects of the street of Rue du Commerce. The aroma of these delicacies always floats in the air surrounding this street. While you are shopping the variety of big and small boutiques on this street, the essence of this aroma starts pulling you towards it. The cafes here also serve as the stopping points. While shopping people often come and enjoy a freshly made coffee of these outlets. This street is famous for its makeup products and cosmetics as well as the designer wears.

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