Top 5 Places to go Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city which has a rich history and many historic monuments. A trip to Istanbul can be an experience full of adventure and wanderlust. If you would like to see the blissful and colorful beauty that Istanbul is then this is the right time. This city not only promises you a warm hospitality but a traveling experience worth having. The most important thing about this city is the markets that it is home to. Being one of the best shopping destinations, it promises you a lively and enthralling journey full of energy. Istanbul is one of the best shopping cities in europe with its evergrowing love for creative artifacts and souvenirs. While it also is a home to many International luxury brands, it never makes you feel left out. It has shopping places for all different kind of people. We are going look at the top 5 shopping places that the city of Istanbul has.

1. Istiklal Caddesi

Mango shop in Istiklal Street in Instanbul top places to go shopping

The brand stores situated in the old buildings of the Ottoman empire is a sight worth seeing. The classic old architecture of the buildings on both the sides of the street enhances the shopping experience of tourists. The Istiklal Caddesi is also famously called the Istiklal Avenue and is home to many luxury brand stores. This avenue has got everything planned for you if you happen to be a shopaholic traveler. This place is going to provide you with the best designer clothes, luxury watches, and other accessories. You can flaunt the artistic bags and souvenirs that you might end up buying here. This place is one of the most visited avenues of Turkey and promises to enhance your experience of the trip to Istanbul.

2. Bagdat Street

Louis Vuitton Store in Bagdat Street in Istanbul best places to shop

Bagdat Street promises a shopping experience worth having for every shopaholic traveler. It is going to be a memorable experience for you if you are able to make it to this place. Popular for its glassware and jewelry, this place has many shopping malls, designer boutiques, and brand stores aligned just for you. Bagdat street is a place to explore and create a memory. Vakko is one of the luxurious and popular Turkish brands that originated from here. This place has everything to fall in love with. Located in Maltepe Kadikoy in Istanbul, Bagdat street is one of the most visited shopping locations.

3. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul best places to shop

Established in 1455, it is one of the best places to go shopping in the whole country of Turkey. Grand Bazaar place offers a colorful and blissful experience of shopping and takes you back to the old times. If you want an experience of going back to the time and having a look at the scenario then you must visit the Grand Bazaar. The heaps of items of all different kinds laying on the outdoor stalls and organized in a beautiful manner enhances the experience. This place has been termed as a paradise of traditional shopping places and promises you a lot more. The embroidered carpets, crockery with inscriptions, jewelry and souvenirs are the most common attractions of the Grand Bazaar.

4. Cukurcuma Street

Leila Concept Store in Cukurcuma street in Istanbul top places to go shopping

The classic old buildings surrounding the streets of Cukurcuma Street and the age-old architecture makes it a beautiful place to visit. The flea market and the brand stores in the surrounding area are promises to provide you with a unique experience of shopping. You can basically get anything and everything from the market area in this street. This place ensures to provide you with a lively adventure of exploring the traditional and the modern-day shopping experience. The items like artifacts and arts are the most commonly sold items. But it also has a wide range of clothing collection and traditional jewelry collection as well.

5. Arasta Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar in Istanbul best shopping areas

Photo: Arasta Bazaar in Istanbul

Arasta Bazaar is an open-air market that is going to make you fall in love with everything you’ll see here. It is a place where perfect creations of pottery, the intriguingly beautiful designs of teapots, and many more such items are sold. This place promises to take you on a colorful journey shopping. With a wide range of products and a variety of designs, this place would fill you up with a desire to acquire them all. A day out exploring the streets of Arasta Bazaar is all you need on your trip to Istanbul.

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