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Antaris Project stands as a beacon of unity and peace in a world that often forgets the rhythm of harmony. As the heart of Germany’s Psytrance legacy, it draws thousands from across the globe, uniting them under the banner of peace, friendship, and freedom. The main floor, a seasoned veteran of 25 years, vibrates with the unyielding spirit of psytrance, where a curated lineage of international maestros weaves a euphonic narrative through a blend of progressive, psychedelic, full-on, and old-school trance. As night descends, the sky morphs into a canvas of laser, video, and light, mirroring the kaleidoscopic ethos of Antaris.

Stepping away from the electrifying beats, a tranquil Chillout area extends an invitation to soothe one’s senses amidst the mellower echoes of dub, ambient, and deep house. The Spiritual Circle nearby morphs into an oasis of tranquillity, offering a journey through self-exploration with Yoga and Tai Chi workshops and rejuvenating massages. Through every beat, stretch, and whisper of ancient wisdom, Antaris Project emerges as a journey through the realms of music and into the depths of the soul and the heartbeats of a tradition that resonates with peace, friendship, and freedom.

ANT-ARIS = AGAINST WAR! For Peace, Friendship and Freedom!

ANTARIS 2022 Aftermovie
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Antaris Project 2024 Lineup

1200 MICS / Alex / Altruism / Atia / Braingineers / Burn In Noise / Catfish & Phil / Dekel / Dickster / Earthling / Earthspace / Fobi / Futuremoon / Giuseppe / G.M.S. / Goa Jonas / Headroom / He She It / Jimi Green / Kanaloa / Kiba / Liquid Soul / Mandala / Martian Arts / Morten Granau / Nektarios / Oxyflux / Ritmo / Rugrats / and many more

Antaris Project 2024 Tickets

Early Bird Festival Tickets at €165.00 are on sale:
Ticket Prices

1st Phase Outer Space: €145.00
2nd Phase Flying High: €155.00 (Available until 15 Nov 2023)
3rd Phase Early Bird: €165.00 (Available until 15 Dec 2023)
4th Phase Late Bird: €175.00 (Available until 15 Mar 2024)
5th Phase Super Late Bird: €185.00 (Available until 8 Jul 2024)
All pre-sale fees are included! On-site tickets will be €200.00


Camping during the festival is included in the festival ticket, so all you need is basic camping gear, like a tent, a camping pad and a head torch (so useful in the night).

Alternatively, you can book nearby hotels and apartments using the map below or visit booking.com

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Travel Info


There are Party Buses from various locations in Germany, that take you to the festival. More to be announced soon.


There is an hourly regional train from Berlin Train Station to Rathenow. Berlin is well connected by rail in Germany and from all major European cities. Find the best deals via Trainline here


From Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) take the Bus to S+U Jungfernheide Bhf (7 min journey) and from Berlin Jungfernheide Station take the train to Rathenow (56 min journey).


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