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Hai in den Mai opens Waldfrieden Events, to invite every psychedelic enthusiast to its Open Air Festival, the annual start in Germany of the Open Air Trance Season.

For three days and two nights, 5000 music lovers from all over Germany and the surrounding countries, can enjoy electronic beats in a beautiful mountainous location between the trees

The very large and lavishly decorated outdoor main floor at Hai in den Mai, is located in the middle of a fairytale forest clearing and is the centre of the festival. The second, so-called Backyard Floor, is located next to the “Waldfrieden Haus” and offers space for electronic alternative music during the day, like Electro, Techno, Deephouse and more.

Waldfrieden - Hai in den Mai 2022 (official)
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Hai in den Mai 2024 Lineup


Alice D Joanna / Antonymous / Finndus / Groove Brothers / Illäusius / Jumpstreet / KiBa / Krumelur / Lufttrockner / LX-D / Lydia Nexus / Mad Maxx / Mapusa Mapusa / Mischgeschick / Miss Nansix / Modus / Moj’s Ears / Monchi / Mosba / Mr. Tree & Mr. Jeans / Murus / Octogoat / Possebility / Raoul / Rugrats / Sabretooth / Tsubi / Yudhisthira / Zzbing


Hirnlego / Jen / Karyus / Lumbago / Tophoo


Alien Chaos / Andyjaner / Auros Tauros / Casual Frequencies / Corka´an / Dropticoi / Dschagganaut / Ego Eraser / Evoleon / Inner Coma / Jonny Crash / Klaus´ Dissoziativa / Klaustrophob / Lemanik / Maru Secrets / Metahuman / Miauhx / Neuro Twister / Nyctoriam / Oremetos / Oroboro / Plena Sonitus / Starvin Marvin / The Shines / Toxoplasm / Vaas / Vox Fabri & Vox Funky / Yamaraja / Yukataa


Anautic / Andycover / Bass-T73 / Captain Pastek / CFL Tracks / Daniel Krau / El Batos / El Muro / Herrmann Stöhr / Jan Tenne / Josephine Wedekind / Kaptain Kosmo / Lilian Stark / Nicorus / Peter Groskreutz / Thrive / Tilda / Whrikk

Hai in den Mai 2024 Tickets

Festival Tickets at €134.00 are on sale:


Camping during the festival is included with the festival ticket, so all you need is basic camping gear, like a tent, a camping pad and a head torch (so useful in the night).

Alternatively, you can book nearby hotels and apartments using the map below or visit booking.com

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Travel Info


To minimize the car traffic on the festival grounds a €10.00 road toll taken for every vehicle driving over the area.


For all rail travellers, there are free shuttle buses from the nearby train stations of Lemförde and Rahden. All buses wait for the trains at the respective station.


From Hannover Train Station, then take the train to Bremen (1 hour journey) and then the train to Lemförde (1 hour journey).


Hannover International Airport (HAJ) is the closest (1.5 hours journey).
From there take the train to Hannover Train Station, then take the train to Bremen (1 hour journey) and then the train to Lemförde (1 hour journey).


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