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Lovefest, veiled within the secluded woodlands of Serbia, bathes its attendees in the radiant glow of house and techno, presented amid the picturesque ambience of Vrnjačka Banja’s City Park Lake. From the 8th to the 10th of August 2024, the festival burgeons into a haven where beats from famed artists like Loco Dice, Michael Bibi, and Lakuti infuse the air with an electrifying yet intimate energy.

Yet, the festival exceeds mere auditory indulgence, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences that transcend the musical realm. Guests navigate through a meticulously curated programme, seamlessly blending vibrant tunes with a cascade of additional offerings such as film screenings and immersive workshops, each amplifying the other, crafting a comprehensive festival journey.

In embracing Lovefest, attendees join a celebration where every beat, film reel, and interactive session constructs a melodic, visual, and experiential narrative that lingers well beyond the festival’s temporal bounds. Engage in a multisensory odyssey, where the pulses of vibrant music and the allure of diverse cultural experiences intertwine, crafting a space where each moment becomes a cherished memory.

Lovefest 2018 Official Aftermovie
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Lovefest 2024 Lineup

Lineup to be announced soon:

Coeus / Mathame / Charlotte de Witte / Adam Beyer / 999999999 / Vlada Janjić / Fred P / Tijana T / Radio Slave / FJAAK / Oysha / Mark Funk / Laolu / Gina Jeanz / Milensi / Igor V / Ela Van Wolf / Luka Cikic / Illusory / DJ Bokan / Sanndra / DJ Lisa / Tamara Pešić / Sonya Mi / Stameni / 5ajaak / Melty Disco / Peppe / Pookie / and many more

Lovefest 2022 Tickets

Tickets to be announced soon:


Camping during the festival requires a Camping Ticket purchased here. All you need basic camping gear, like a tent, a camping pad and a head torch (so useful in the night).

Alternatively, you can book nearby hotels and apartments using the map below or visit booking.com

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Travel Info


From Belgrade Station take the Bus to Kraljevo (3h journey) and from there take the bus to Lipova (26 min journey).


Either one of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Niš Constantine the Great Airport or Pristina International Airport are a good option for Vrnjačka Banja. They are all several hours away from the festival site, but are well connected with buses running a few times a day.


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