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Shankra Festival is a five-day psychedelic experience, in an uplifting natural ambience surrounded by the magnificent Swiss Alps, below the summer sky, to celebrate life and to connect with people from all over the world.

As a musical journey, the line up will progressively develop with care, love and energy in three different stages, covering the wide spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.

Shankra Festival offers you a beautiful camping area in the middle of a valley, which is crossed by river Moesa and surrounded by the mountains. The camping area will be marked and there is enough space provided for all participants.

For a comfortable camping experience don’t forget to bring some warm clothes for the night time when it can get a little cold and also bring waterproof clothes, ponchos and shoes to keep yourself dry in case of rain. Your tent will be your new home for 5 days!

Shankra Festival 2023 - Glitches in the system
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Shankra Festival 2024 Lineup

Lineup to be announced soon:

Eos Stage

(Goa Trance, Psytrance, Night & Day Full-On, Forest)
Alienatic / Arkadia / Athriom / Atmos / Atomic Pulse – Retro Set / Bitkit / Braingineers / Burn In Noise / Chris Rich / Denshi Danshi / Dickster / Didraprest vs Indra – Retro set / Djantrix / D-Ther / Emok / Eskimo Tribute by John Phantasm / Fagin’s Reject / Fiddle Faddle / Filterheads / Filteria / Flegma / Green Nuns of the Revolution / Hashashin / Hilight Tribe / Hypnoise / IKON / Infected Mushroom – Retro Set / Inner Sphere / Invisible Reality / Jaia – Retro Set / Jimi Green / Kala / Kaya Project ft Irina Mikhailova / Man With No Name / Mekkanika / Mindsurfer / Mindwave – Retro Set / M-Run / M-Theory / Nebula Meltdown / Ninesense / NoFace / Oxyflux / Pixel – Retro Set / Prometheus / Protoculture – Retro Set / Shadow Chronicles / Space Tribe Homage by Mad Maxx / Spectra Sonics / Spinal Fusion / SUN Project – Retro Set / SuperModule / Ticon / Tim Schuldt & Four Carry Nuts / Tron / Tropical Bleyage / Vibe Tribe Homage by Bizzare Contact (Retro) / Vibrasphere / Volcano / Waio / Yebah / Zyce

Horizon Stage

(Dark Psy, Forest, Hi-Tech, Night Full-On, Progressive, Techno)
Adama / Airi / Alien Trancesistor / Alpscore / Amras / Ananda / Antix / Apollyon / Argetorix / Arkasha / Bamboo Forest / Brojanowski / Caemix / Chrizzlix / CornFlakes 3D / Cosmic Shake / Dark Whisper / Day Din – Retro Set / Dekel / Digital Stone / Effim / Eliza / Face Design / Gotalien /
Grouch / Hishiryo / Human Element / Hypogeo / Ibojima – Retro Set / Ilai / Inner Coma / Interactive Noise – Retro Set / Khaos Sektor / Killatk / KOBI / Krama / Loose Connection / Mementomor / Mentalecho / Mercuroid / Morten Granau / OxiDaksi / Perfect Stranger / Profiler / Psynonima / SamJex / Sectio Aurea / Selective Mood / Serenity Flux / Shshno / Sick Noise / Silent Sphere / Sourone / Symphonix / Tau Ceti / Technical Hitch / True Lies / Val Vashar / Virtuanoise / Xenrox / Yaminahua

Lotus Stage

(Chill-Out, Ambient, Deep-House, Trip-Hop, Psy-Dub, Psy-Jazz)
– 5AM – / Aeon Cosmowyn / AKA Nina / Ashnaia Project / Asura / Bogtrotter / DM-Theory / D-Nox & Beckers / Dusty Kid / Dynastor / Eartha Harris / Einmusik / Eitan Reiter / Emok / Feeding Spring / Fiord / Gaudi / Gaudi All Stars Orchestra / Globular / Grouch in DUB / Heimya / Hibernation / Hotline / I.X.O.P / Jedidiah / Johhny Blue / Kaya Project / Khainz / Living Light / Maluns / MAOA / Mindsurfer / M.Solez / Myth Helia / Nanoplex / Ninsa / Ninshu / Okapi / Out Of Orbit / Proxeeus / Skyobserver / Sound of Snow / Spacewave / Spirit & The Guide / Symbolico / Takkra / The Bitzpan / Third Eye of the Poet
TransalentOM / Triforce / Tripswitch / Unique Repeat / Vibrasphere – Retro Set / Yotopia / Yuli Fershat / ZeeBaa / Zen Baboon / Zenergetica

Shankra Festival 2024 Tickets

Festival Tickets from CHF150.00 (€155.60) are on sale:


Camping during the festival is included with the festival ticket, so all you need is basic camping gear, like a tent, a camping pad and a head torch (so useful in the night).

Alternatively, you can book nearby hotels and apartments using the map below or visit booking.com

Book Hotels & Airbnbs near the Venue at the Lowest Price online!

Travel Info


Car Parking & Caravan Parking Tickets can be purchased here

From Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern, S. Gottard

Highway A2 until Bellinzona, then follow San Bernardino highway A13, exit at Lostallo City and follow the signs.

From Chur, San Gallen, Davos, S.Moritz

Highway A13 Direction Bellinzona, then exit at Lostallo City and follow the signs.

From Milan

Highway A2 until Bellinzona, then follow San Bernardino highway A13, then exit at Lostallo City and follow the signs.


Suttle Bus Tickets from Malpensa Airport (MXP) to the festival and back can be purchased here

From Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern, S.Gottard

Stop in Bellinzona, then take the Bus Direction San Bernardino, and then stop at Festival Entrance.

From Zurich International Airport (ZRH)

From the airport, take the train to Zurich main station then, take the train to Bellinzona, then take the Bus direction San Bernardino, and then stop at Festival Entrance.

From Lugano Airport (LUG)

From the airport take the FLP train to Lugano main station, from there take the train to Bellinzona and then take the bus direction San Bernardino, stop at Lostallo City and follow the signs.

From Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)

The easiest way to go to the festival and back is to take the Festival’s Shuttle Bus and tickets can be purchased here
From the airport you can also take the bus to Chiasso (Switzerland), then take the train to Bellinzona and then take the bus, direction San Bernardino, and stop at the Festival’s Entrance.


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