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Circles of Life / Samsara 5th Europe Edition 3-11 August 2019 in Hungary includes:
3-6 August: Land Art Finissage Celebration feat. Tilos Forest PsyJazz Nights
7-11 August: Samsara Festival
3-11 August: Dharma Garden Yoga Village

Samsara Festival Europe’s fifth summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace & unity – where the chill stage is the main stage, is a worldwide annual psychedelic murmuration for yoga-, music-, dance- and nature lovers hosting lecturers, instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, tutors, advisers, guides, demonstrators, psychologists, doctors, healers, anatomists, gurus, shamans, curers, medicine men and therapists along with a psybient music festival. For ages 0-116.

150 yoga workshops, seances and lectures followed by over 140 music artists and DJs on Chill, Alternative and Tilos World Music stages – hidden deep into our 40 acres of private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara.

The Yoga Village includes:

Dome of Sadhana: As one basic and very important part of practicing yoga, the asanas prepare the body and the nervous system to be able to move on to the pranayama, and other methods that require more experience, physical and spiritual endurance. Training ourselves in yoga postures also help to improve willpower, reduce stress and makes your own body more comfortable.

Philosopher’s Shala: Asanas are just a branch of the tree of yoga. At this place, it is possible to climb on other branches, such as basic or advanced philosophy or ayurvedic studies, but workshops and teachings will be held, for example in psychology, lifestyle and consuming habits.

Acro Playground: The playground is the home of the daily led acro jamming on beginner and intermediate level and other acrobatics related classes like handstand. Alternative and hoop dance workshops will be also held, as every kind of movement, practiced with concentration and joy, are basic tools for self improvement.

Healing Hut: Visiting the Hut within the village, one can practice trust, and let one of the festivals highly qualified therapist take care of one’s physical, mental or emotional issues. Some of the available treatments:

Samsara Festival 2019 Lineup

Simon Posford (UK)
Ott (UK)
Poppy Ackroyd (UK)
Be Svendsen (DK)
Ott & The All-Seeing I (UK)
Solar Fields (S)

Simon Posford (UK) 3HRS ALL-TIMES Shpongle/ Hallucinogen/ Younger Brother LIVE SET, Ott (UK), Poppy Ackroyd (UK), Be Svendsen (DK), Ott & The All-Seeing I (UK), Solar Fields (S), Entheogenic (USA/F), Carbon Based Lifeforms (S), Juno Reactor (UK), Kaya Project (UK), Korai Trancemission (H), Globular (UK), Avalon (UK), Gaudi (UK), Sonic Species (UK), Matsumoto (JAP), Gaudi & Allstars Orchestra (UK), Tripswitch (UK), Zen Mechanics (NL/AU), Operentzia (H), Suduaya (F), Astropilot (UA), Animato (IL), Cubixx (D), Side Liner (GR), Shakta (UK), Astral Waves (CAN), Manifestor (UA), Crazy Astronaut (RUS), Dani Photosynthesis (I), Zero Cult (IL), Hibernation (UK), Zen Baboon (P), Dynamic Illusion (H), Oleg (H), Astropilot & Dynamic Illusion – Heritage set (UA/H), Calm Spirit (H), E-Mantra (RO), Aurorax (BG), Nebula Meltdown (FIN), Stereomantra (H), Traum Atlas (H), Mindbenderz (D), Anasa (GR/IL), Anoebis (BD), Para Halu (H), Silas Neptune (UK), Insector (H), Vedat Akdag (TR), Abrion (H), Danger (H), Kliment (BG), Boohna (H), Cosmicleaf (GR), Alien Hardware (H), Flembaz (P), Nasgul (H), Botond (H), Psylocibian (HR), Psyletzky (H), Metaverse (H), Yatao (A/D), Szamy vs Henzi (H), Benho (H), Alpha Key (H), Therapist (BG), Omatiix (H), MadCityNight (H), Gorgo (H), Varásló (H) Temperini (BRA), Psymon (H), Abrion (H), Colorstar (H), Rasasound (H), Fjodor (HR), Aythar (H), Nameless City (H), Omnion (CZ), Vanmocsello (H), Indra (HR), Adam Salman (H), Sanyi (H), Infragandhi (H), Marco Cadena (H), Adis Abbé (H), Kraak (H), Miso (H), Hruscsov (H), Spiralmaze (TR), (to be continued)

Samsara Festival 2019 Tickets

Instead of tickets the festival will offer 2019 memberships with free access to ALL Samsara events and yoga retreats worldwide during entire 2019, including Samsara 5th Europe Edition 3-11 August 2019

Presale Schedule:

Phase 1: until 1 December 2018 (limited to 500) – Early Bird Special 50% Double €158 (for 2 persons)
Phase 2: until 1 January 2019 (limited to 1500) – Early Bird Regular Single €98
Phase 3: until 1 April 2019 (limited to 1000) 118€
Phase 4: until 1 July 2019 (limited to 2000) 132€
Phase 5: until 1 August 2019 (limited to 2000) 148€
At the gate price 158€ – if available

2 ways to get your 2019 membership:

1. price + 5 € fee online www.hadra.net
2. price + 2 € fee: Lotus Shop in Budapest, József körút 83


Camping in Samsara Festival is absolutely FREE (It is included with your festival ticket), so all you need is basic camping gear, like a tent and a camping mat to sleep. The Festival will provide you with plenty of options for food and drink.

Check the Map for all accommodation options near the Venue. Europebookings is providing you with all Hotels & Airbnbs at the lowest prices available online. Book your stay now!

Travel Info


Siófok-Töreki is located 1 hour drive from Budapest at the lake of Balaton in Hungary.


The nearest airport is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD).
Once landed take the bus to Kőbánya Station (ticket: €0.65), then take the train to Kelenföld Station (ticket: €2.00) and from there take the train to Siofok (ticket: €10.00 – €15.00). You can check the timetable @ www.mavcsoport.hu
You can also take a shuttle bus from the airport to Kelenföld Station via www.holidaytaxis.com with approx. €13.00


Taxi from Budapest to Siofok will cost you approx. €130 – €160.


From Ozora Festival Gate and Siofok Train Station there will be regular bus transports to Samsara Festival.
Festival Shuttle Buses (ticket: €3.00)
Siofok Train station – Samsara Festival Gate
Ozora Festival Gate – Samsara Festival Gate
Schedule: to be announced…

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