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Habitat Festival emerges as a veritable Eden for electronic music enthusiasts, curating a multi-dimensional space where sound, spirit, and society harmoniously intertwine in the unique environs of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Blending an eclectic mix of techno, electro, house, and drum & bass, the festival fabricates more than just a musical experience. It invites a community wherein every beat, every movement, and every shared glance converge to create an ephemeral city of dreams, dance, and genuine human connection.

Immersing attendees in a cultural cauldron of activities, Habitat doesn’t merely host but entwines diverse artistic forms, promoting an eco-conscious ethos amongst its vibrant inhabitants. With a rich array of film, theatre, and workshops, it reaches beyond the auditory to stimulate all senses and intellectual curiosities. A sanctuary by day, festival-goers can engage in mindful pursuits like yoga, explore market stalls, or find serenity in shared moments of pause amidst the bustling activities. As twilight descends, the environment seamlessly transitions into a mesmerising space where bodies and beats become one, tripping the fantastic light under the enigmatic Hamburg night sky.

In its essence, Habitat Festival is not merely an event; it is a temporary society, fostering collective dreams and shaping memories amidst the ethereal cadence of electronic sounds and intimate human connections.

HABITAT FESTIVAL 2023 | Official Aftermovie
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Habitat Festival 2024 Lineup

Agy3na / An On Bast / Anja Schneider / Cromby / Cryptofauna / Daria Kolosova / Dj Gigola / Dj Heartstring / Extrawelt / Ferrari Rot / Héctor Oaks / Janis Zielinski / Jennifer Cardini / Job Jobse / Kalte Liebe / Ki/Ki / Laturb / Malugi / Marcel Dettman / Murphy / Najeh / Naomi / Narciss / Natascha Polké / Nina Hepburn / Ogazón / Pablo Bozzi / Patrick Mason / Salò / Shimmy Robin / Supergloss / Young Marco

Habitat Festival 2024 Tickets

Festival Tickets from €70.00 are on sale:


Camping during the festival is included in the festival ticket, so all you need is basic camping gear, like a tent, a camping pad and a head torch (so useful in the night).

Alternatively, you can book nearby hotels and apartments using the map below or visit booking.com

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Travel Info


Hamburg is well connected by rail in Germany and major European cities. From Hamburg Hbf take the train to Wilhelmsburg (9 min journey) and then take the train from S Wilhelmsburg to Mengestrasse (5 min journey) just a short taxi ride away (1.3 km) from the venue.


From Hamburg Airport (HAM) From here, take a train to Hamburg Hbf (24 min journey) and then follow the above route.


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